"I'll take the plunge for mum" - says daughter of Sheffield nurse who dedicated her life to the NHS

A Sheffield woman is taking on a charity skydive in memory of her mum, who dedicated her life to the NHS.

Thursday, 12th September 2019, 07:00 am
Updated 4 hours ago
Sky dive in memory of mum

Helen Kitterringham will jump out of a plane at 15,000ft this month, to raise money for Sheffield Hospitals Charity.

The 51-year-old NHS clinical IT systems trainer decided to take the plunge in memory of her mum Gwendoline, who trained as a nurse at Northern General Hospital, becoming a sister on a geriatric ward, before leaving to take on the role of principle at Springwood Care Home, where she remained until her retirement.

Helen said: “With mum’s career, and having worked for Sheffield Teaching Hospital myself for 30 years, the NHS has been a big part of my whole life.

“It’s not an easy thing to put into words, but I fully appreciate what the NHS does for everyone, and I feel I have a responsibility to do the best I can in the role that I’m in.”

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Helen’s mum was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in her 70s and needed an immediate hysterectomy. She chose not to share her diagnosis with her husband until she had been treated and was given the all clear.

“She didn’t tell my dad it was cancer, as she wanted to protect him from any worry,” Helen said.

“It was a long recovery but when she got the all clear from the consultant she then shared her diagnosis with dad, and at that point we were able to give him reassurance that she was going to be okay.”

Sadly, Helen’s dad, Albert, died ten years ago, after being briefly treated by the NHS, and then Gwendoline’s cancer returned a year later.

Helen said: “It was one of the worst times in my life but with the help and support given by all the team, I view it now as the best of times, where mum’s passing was so gentle and easy, just as she deserved. I’ll be forever grateful to the NHS for everything they do.

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