"If I'm honest, I don't care. I've lived through worse" - Readers on how they have cut back on spending after price cap rise

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Last week saw the planned price cap rise of 54% on energy and gas bills, affecting households across the country. We asked our readers how they were cutting back on spending as the cost of living rises.

Here are a selection of their comments on the matter:

Jill Cooper replied with one of the most popular responses, nonchalantly saying, “If I'm honest, I don't care. I've lived through worse, the interest on my mortgage was 17% in the mid 1980s, and they can't cut everybody off. I'm enjoying being a bit tight and wasting little.”

Speaking of nonchalant, Stephen Hill says that he will just, “Turn everything off and go to the pub.”

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Rising enery prices
Electricity meter

Rising enery prices
Electricity meter
Rising enery prices Electricity meter

Hayley Ross commented that she had, “Cut back on cooked food, cold showers, and bought a heater.”

Paula Heeley Ezeldine says that she will be, “Carrying on as normal. I’ll cut down in the summer no heating short showers and lots of salad and hopefully it will even itself out”

And Nigel Preston is also trying to plan ahead from a payments perspective, “will keep topping up in the summer so winter bills are not so high.”

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Money saving advice amid energy price increase set for April 1.Money saving advice amid energy price increase set for April 1.
Money saving advice amid energy price increase set for April 1.

Tracey Lacey Leasley had already planned ahead for this, saying that she had, “Got rid of all the gas and got air source heating and solar panels. The money I make from these mainly pays the electric bill now.”

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Kathleen Dunnin followed up saying, “No heating on. Layers of clothes, Thank god i have solar panels so i charge everything up in daylight hours & cook in slow cooker, microwave & air fryer as much as i can. only do washing in daytime now, so i can use as much free electric as i can.”

Iren Cook said that she had been, “Replacing more bulbs for smart ones so we can set them to auto turn off after a set period of time. Kids are forever leaving the bathroom light on. Also smart plugs so tv and blu-ray no longer stay in standby as we cannot get to the socket to manually turn them off. Installed hive a few months ago as not only can you set a time schedule but you can set a temperature schedule. Plus you can set every day differently to suit the needs of the family better. We’ve used much less gas this winter than last. Just turning things off isn’t the only option to reduce your costs.”

Sara Bond commented that there will be, “No heating, no dishwasher and no dryer. I’ve also turned everything off at the sockets. Actually saved me £35 last month so it did make a massive difference and hopefully will cushion the blow this month.”

Tabatha DK has also, “Turned the heating off and most lights. Changed to LED bulbs. Unplugged everything. Wearing a hooded blanket in the house. Had a smart meter fitted.”

"It’s all about being sensible. Life goes on.”

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On the other hand, Deedee Blinkho refuses to be cowed by the rises, “How's about we just carry on as we are until the corporations stop flying 100k jets per day on average to lead by example and use less energy, then we can follow their lead and maybe change our ways once they have changed theirs. Or is that out of bounds, do as I say not as I do kind of thing, same as usual, corporate profit paid by the public's acquiescence.”

Andy Davies responded by saying that, “I've turned the boiler off.. sitting in the dark.. I'll wash at the gym and the heating will never be on.”

Sandra Moore noted that, “It’s a cap full of Tizer and half a victory V for me I’m afraid.”

"If I'm honest, I don't care. I've lived through worse”

A lot of people commented that they would be putting on more layers instead of using the heating.

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Richard Birt will just, “Put another jumper on.” As will Lisa Searle who says that she will be, “Putting more layers on.”

Alan Griffiths shared some solid advice…

“If your building has enough loft insulation to cover a cup, get enough to cover a bottle. Saves so much heat you'll get your money back in two years, even if you have to pay for it yourself.”

Meanwhile, Martyn Lee says that he will, “Just getting on with it as everyone should”

Something that Alan Rattenbury echoed, “Not a lot different, never wasted much over the years. It’s all about being sensible. Life goes on.”

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And finally, Tina Fellows says that she will be, “Building a bonfire in the garden to warm the kids up and toasting bread on the fire to fill their bellies... cold wash in morning before they go to school to be taught how never to vote for a Tory...... free hot meal to come home and repeat.”