Huge increase of Sheffield people ‘writing wills and getting affairs in order’ over coronavirus crisis

A Sheffield solicitors firm has revealed there has been a ‘big increase in demand for wills’ following the coronavirus outbreak.

By Nik Farah
Sunday, 26th April 2020, 9:17 am
Updated Sunday, 26th April 2020, 9:18 am

Graysons Solicitors has had to roll with the punches to be able to continue to provide its will writing service, in the face of lockdown restrictions, with more people than ever reaching out to get their affairs in order.

Katie Birch, part of the firm’s Wills, Estates, Trusts and Elderly Client Services team, is among those helping people to get organised.

Katie said: “We’ve had to adapt to a completely new way of working, to ensure we can still deliver the service.

Katie Birch - and Billybob - of Graysons Solicitors, are working at home during lockdown

“The will still needs to be signed by the client in front of witnesses – and we need to adhere to strict social distancing measures throughout.

“I normally complete the service by driving out to the client, knocking on the door and leaving the will on the doorstep for them to sign.

“I normally take an additional member of the team with me to be a witness.

“It is working very well.”

Katie also says that some people, particularly the firm’s older clients, are initially nervous about this new way of working, which sees discussions largely take place via video call – but that her pet dog has turned out to the perfect ice breaker.

“I have many elderly clients that have never used a video call service,” she said.

“They are quite nervous until they see my sausage dog Billybob’s wagging tail and excited face – then they’re quite at ease!”

Katie says Billybob has taken to sitting by her side for all appointments from her home office: “I found the coronavirus-forced shift to home-working quite a challenge, as I’m a real ‘people person,’ but Billybob has absolutely loved it.

“He gets to be pampered all day and gets to meet all my clients which he really loves.

Katie – and Billybob - can be contacted on [email protected] or 0114 241 9011.