How a new card game is getting people talking in Sheffield

Two Sheffield business women have come together to design a card game with a difference - encouraging communication between people through meaningful discussion and kindness.

By Lisa Wong
Monday, 9th September 2019, 3:04 pm
Updated Friday, 1st November 2019, 10:33 am
Lorraine Dixon and Katie Bain, founders of Reflections
Lorraine Dixon and Katie Bain, founders of Reflections

Reflections is a game that can be played by anybody and seeks to encourage self discovery through players answering a series of questions.

Lorraine Dixon, of Open Narrative, is one of the two co-founders.

She said: “It is all about communication - in a gentle, non confrontational way.”

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A group playing the game

Lorraine believes journaling has many beneficial effects, such as lowering anxiety and organising thoughts.

She released a five year journal, ‘Being Me’, in 2017.

Lorraine sought to find a tool that would complement her journal.

She said: “It’s finding the thing that makes me tick. Being creative while helping others.”

Reflections game launch, held at the Showroom cinema on September 6

Through networking, Lorraine met Katie Bain, Reflections’ other co-founder.

Katie, of Games Explorers, has a love of gaming and uses this passion to help people and businesses learn and problem solve through games.

Katie believes games in business can create improved team functioning and contributes to personal growth.

Around 30 individuals attended the Reflections game launch on September 6.

Reflections is now available to buy online

Some of the attendees were coaches or workers in the well-being field and some were supporters of Lorraine and Katie, but all expressed positive experiences from playing Reflections.

With four different categories, questions in the game are based on: health and lifestyle, family and relationships, home and finance, work and career.

‘Question’ cards promote meaningful discussions and players are encouraged to express their answers honestly.

There are also ‘kindness’ cards, which allow players to express gratitude to another player - from paying someone a compliment, to giving them a hug - these actions attempt to build positive connections.

Suitable for people aged 12 and over, two to four players can play Reflections.

57-year-old Lorraine was really happy with how the launch went.

She said: “Everyone was engaged.”

Lorraine believes the game could be a useful tool for helping individuals deal with stressful events in their life, just like she had benefited herself.

She suffered through a history of abuse and has described herself as ‘a recovering alcoholic’.

Lorraine said: “It’s about taking my mask off.”

She added:”We are getting excellent feedback from people using Reflections in a range of different ways and situations. For example, in coaching, counselling and team building.

“It was mental health week a couple of weeks ago and the Get Britain Talking campaign on television has raised awareness of the importance of communication. Reflections is all about meaningful conversations.”

Lorraine has spoken to businesses about Reflections, at Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s recent business exhibition.

Through adversity, Lorraine and Katie are ‘proud’ to present their game to the people of Sheffield.

With those behind the artwork, photography and website design also women and from local independent businesses, Lorraine said: “It’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do.”