This is how many hours you need to work to afford cheapest Sheffield United season ticket

It has been a pretty great first half of the season for Sheffield United fans – and there’s good news for Blades fans too when it comes to the cost of season tickets.

Monday, 16th December 2019, 2:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st December 2019, 12:08 pm

For Chris Wilder’s team are not only at the right end of the Premier League, they are also at the top of the table when it comes to affordability for fans too.

Interested in local supporters, cheap football tickets company calculated how long local residents in each of the 20 different towns and cities the Premier League clubs are located would have to work in order to afford the cheapest single-adult season ticket, based on the average hourly pay for the area using statistics from the Office of National Statistics.

And United rank 6th, as local supporters need to work for 25 hours and 46 minutes to afford the best priced season ticket (£403) at Bramall Lane.

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Bramall Lane ranks highly for affordability. (Photo: PA).
Bramall Lane ranks highly for affordability. (Photo: PA).

Live Football Tickets found that Chelsea has the most affordable season ticket in the Premier League, as it takes just 19 hours and 51 minutes for a local supporter to pay for the cheapest single-adult 2019/20 season ticket (£750.00) at Stamford Bridge.

In second position are reigning champions Manchester City, whose residents need to work slightly more at 20 hours and 58 minutes to afford the best priced season ticket (£325.00) at the Etihad Stadium.

In third position are Burnley, where local supporters have to labour for 21 hours and 10 minutes for the least expensive season ticket (£329.00).

Whilst Liverpool might be at the top of the actual Premier League table – in the affordability league, they are damningly at the bottom. Residents in Liverpool have to work 43 hours and 3 minutes to enjoy Jurgen Klopp’s dynamic and talented squad at Anfield. The equivalent of 5 day working days.

Just above, in 19th position is Tottenham Hotspur, whose local supporters in the London borough of Haringey have to work 38 hours and 14 minutes to purchase the most affordable season ticket (£795.00).

Overall, 55% (11 out 20) of the Premier League clubs require their local supporters to work more than 30 hours to buy the best priced 2019/20 single-adult season ticket at their club.