How a Big Mac launched into outer space from Sheffield ended up 200 miles away at a League Two football ground! ​

A Sheffield man sent a McDonald’s Big Mac into space – and then ate it after it fell back to earth almost 200 miles away at a football ground.

Tom takes a bite. Picture: Colchester FC
Tom takes a bite. Picture: Colchester FC

The Steel City man – a Youtuber called Tom – attached the burger to a weather balloon and sent it skywards.

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After a long trip into space the balloon popped and sent the Big Mac spiralling back down to earth.

The burger. Picture: Colchester FC

It landed, of all places, at the training ground of League Two club Colchester United in Essex.

After a bemused groundsman made the discovery on one of the pitches he contacted club officials and before long Tom himself paid a visit wanting to know where his burger was.

When he got there, he decided to give the burger a try!

The unusual story was detailed today in a series of tweets by Colchester FC and was also documented in Tom’s own Youtube channel.

The club tweets read: “When the club secretary phones the media department, it's normally something interesting - transfer news, contracts being signed, that sort of thing. But this time? There was a burger that had been found at the training ground.

“The aforementioned burger was attached to a polystyrene box, with a Go Pro camera inside. Honestly, what do you do with a frozen burger?

“Then the phone rang! The chap on the phone explained that the box, burger and Go Pro camera was his, he was from Sheffield, and he'd sent the burger into space. As you do. And he was coming to get it back!

“Now Sheffield to the training ground is three hours or so, but as time passed by, we were wondering whether our mystery guest was going to turn up. Then, at just before 4pm, our burger launcher arrived through the gates at Florence Park!”

Tom said he attached a tracking device which cut out when the balloon got too high.

But it re-activated when it hit the ground again and he simply followed the signal.

When he arrived, he decided to take a bite out of the burger.

And the big question is – how did this space oddity taste?

After taking a bite, Tom said: “That’s not nice. It’s drying my mouth out.

“I’ve eaten a burger from space.

“That’s it, I’ve done it.”