Here are 17 of the most 'Sheffield' things that people say - according to our readers

Wherever you live there are always those sayings that just stick with you forever, we asked our readers what was the most Sheffield saying they had heard. And, let’s just say it was quite the journey.

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We’ve picked out 15 of the most popular comments, mainly because there were so many there was no way we could include them all.Anyway, here you go:

Jennifer Mohammed Jones started off things with a wonderfully meandering quote, “If ifs and buts were pots and pans you'd never burn your bacon" said to me by Mrs Hives regularly when we used to work on customer services desk together. I had no idea what it meant for a long time” – answers on a postcard folks.

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"Put wood in't oil and tha meks a better door than tha does a winda” said Lwaxana Crighton-hara.

Shops in Sheffield City Centre start to reopen on Monday June 15th. Shoppers on Fargate. Picture: Chris EtchellsShops in Sheffield City Centre start to reopen on Monday June 15th. Shoppers on Fargate. Picture: Chris Etchells
Shops in Sheffield City Centre start to reopen on Monday June 15th. Shoppers on Fargate. Picture: Chris Etchells

Geoff Ridsdale may have taken a few of us on a trip down memory lane with this one, “What's for dinner Ma? Three runs round kitchen table and a kick at' cellar door.”

And here’s a decent one from Chris Attwood, “In’t chippy at Manor Top, chips, cake ‘n’ a breadcake oppen Ta!” — you’re welcome.

"Geeyor roarin and eyt thi meyt and tater pie. I made it wi ‘endos”, a classic line there from Sarah Luddington.

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Tom Crawshaw responded with a pretty popular one, for good reason an’ all, “Did tha see er next dooer art last neet? Ah... Oowoshiwee? Nobdeh, she werwee ersen.”

Andrew Morley fondly looks back on his childhood with this one, “Tha dunt need a coit, its onny a bit er watter, yer nesh bugger!" Said mi dad (wen it wer abser-bloody-lutely slashing it darn!) Thannerz!”

Tracey Marie Stovin shared one we must all have heard at some point, "Was tha born in a barn shut the bloody door”, shortly before receiving a clip for a snarky response.

“It’s black o’r r Bill’s mothers”, kindly shared by Anna Louise… been a while since we’ve heard that one.

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And here’s a brilliant one from Natalie Donson, “That babis dun nowt but roo’a.”

"Why's tha got face on?” said Dave Payling.

Here’s one that some of you may take a little time to decipher or will you? “Oowadawiwadawierorwadiwidisen”, cheers Jeffrey Mason.*

Julie Harrison shared this one, saying, “In the days that we sang hymms in school ‘gorragerrazymbooks’.”

Farid Wahab responded saying, “A taxi driver once asked me after I told him that I was a student at the uni. "Which one, Hallam or the proper one?" As an international student, I really didn't realise some locals see it that way.

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“Dahn Wicker weer watter runs o’er Wier”, nice one that Jeremy Howard Crawshaw.

Kitty Maloney shared this nostalgic saying, “Just takin dog a walk round lump, mum said that every night”

* And the solution to that wonder was kindly supplied by Dale Ginge Weston, “Who was you with was you with her or was you with yourself?”

But it’s fair to say that quite a few sayings over the years had resonated with us. Thanks for sharing all your comments, brilliant stuff folks.

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