"He'll worm his way out of it" - Readers discussed Tory MPs "no-confidence" vote for Boris Johnson

After a number of Conservative MPs indicated their lack of faith in the Prime Minister, a “no-confidence” vote was initiated, we asked our readers what they thought.

Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 4:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th June 2022, 12:16 pm

Here are a selection of their comments on whether they thought time was up for Boris Johnson:

First up, TJ Grün on Facebook commented: “I hope so, but I doubt it. There's too many careerist Politicians that would back him to save themselves. Take the MP for Rother Valley... wonder which way he's voting!” No prizes for guessing which way he would sway, as the MP tweeted his support for the ailing Prime Minister.

Mark Woolley was not mincing his words with his comments, pun not intended: “Fingers crossed the greased pig will be gone. Depends whether the MPs voting have spines or not. Thankfully a vote of no confidence is usually fatal be it slow or quick but fatal nonetheless.”

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, speaks after surviving an attempt by Tory MPs to oust him as party leader following a confidence vote in his leadership. Picture date: Monday June 6, 2022. PA Photo. Tory MPs voted by 211 to 148 in the secret ballot in Westminster, Conservative 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady announced. See PA story POLITICS Johnson. Photo credit should read: PA Wire


Ben Kirkham could not hide his surprise at any support for the PM: “The fact that people still support him and think he has done a good job is frightening!!”

Pessimism seemed to be par-for-the-course for many, Robert Cartwright replied saying: “Don't think he'll go he's more slippier than the slippiest eel.”

It was followed up by Paul Metcalf, who said that “It makes no difference, they're all Tories.”

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Amber Khan seemed to imply that whatever the outcome the Prime Minister would see an opportunity for a ‘knees up’: “If he does go will he be having a leaving party.”

Gillian Parker was unsure of the possible replacements were he to go, “And who would do his job. Most of them were at the party.”

Olly Connolly responded to Gillian, saying: “you're correct, it could be a lot worse with Hunt or Gove in charge. And imagine how bad life could get under Patel. We need to get the entire party dismissed for the mess they've made of this country.”

John Coney added that he thinks: “He'll worm his way out of it.” Clearly a reference to him surviving attempts on his premiership in the face of adversity and not a remark about the Prime Minister’s dancing capability.

Someone who doesn’t seem to be a fan is James Bainbridge, who had to make clear his thoughts with capitals, “YES, IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO GO.” Point made, I reckon.

Elaine RJ added her views, “Fingers crossed he’s gone.”

“The fact that people still support him and think he has done a good job is frightening!!”

Rob Naylor commented, “Well it is a secret ballot, so some who are making supportive noises may still vote against him.” Fair point there and one which Danny Shepherd responded directly to: “and vice versa... those who think they will curry favour with their electorate by condemning him in public may actually secretly want to stick by him...” another good point.

Not everyone was against the Prime Minister though and if anything they voiced their support for him.

Case in point being Beryl Burkinshaw, who wrote: “Come on Boris.”

David Booth added his view, “Standard practice for all parties. It's happened often enough with both Labour and the Conservative parties. In this case most of those against Boris are staunch remainers and want revenge for Brexit. All the parties are split as is the country so this should come as no surprise to anyone, the remoaner's have been trying to get him out since day one.”

Stephen Lee could not hide his disdain for the lack of support, “Left wing stir will be having a party if the traitors win”, his comments confused Olly Connelly, who asked: “is this a riddle?” I think he was insinuating that The Star is a left-wing media publication, which would be remarkably short-sighted as there are a variety of political views in the office. Ultimately, we can all have a party now as there are no longer any restrictions in place… but if you break the rules you should be punished, surely?

Stephen Ashton responded with “If he does go I hope Jacob Rees Mogg becomes PM”, which is definitely a comment that was made to cause a reaction. Hint: It got one, Olly Connelly chimed in saying that “this is top satire.”

But it seems that Stephen was indeed being serious: “if only that were true, if Boris goes it clears the way for a true Conservative. It’s a win win really.”

Honestly though, such an idea is truly terrifying.

"The Remoaner's have been trying to get him out since day one.”

Ultimately, what people thought did not factor into the overall result as the results went the way of the troubled Prime Minister.

Sheffield Stocksbridge MP Miriam Cates said: “I supported the Prime Minister in this vote as I do not believe we have reached the threshold for the removal of a Prime Minister who was elected with an overwhelming majority of 80 seats.

In the ballot on Monday evening, 148 Conservative MPs said they did not have confidence in Boris Johnson.

A total of 211 voted that they had confidence in the PM – 59 per cent of those taking part.

As it stands, Boris Johnson has received more votes of “no-confidence” than when Theresa May was Prime Minister, she left a matter of months after that. Perhaps Boris aka ‘Big Dog’ will be able to ride this one out?

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