Glass found in food at popular Sheffield pizza restaurant

A Sheffield customer who ordered from the popular pizza restaurant chain Domino’s has described her shock after discovering a shard of glass in her pizza.

Friday, 22nd November 2019, 4:21 pm
The shard of glass found inside the pizza

The woman, aged 19, from Beighton, ordered the original cheese and tomato pizza from the Domino’s store at Crystal Peaks, Sheffield, at around 1.15pm on Sunday and was later horrified when she took a bite and discovered a medium-sized shard of glass in her mouth.

After rinsing her mouth with water she immediately phoned the store to complain about the poor food safety to which they responded by sending out another pizza, free of charge.

The incident left the 19-year-old shaken up and reluctant about eating food from the restaurant again.

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Later she took to Facebook to share her unpleasant experience.

She said: “I was just enjoying my lovely Domino’s when I crunched down on a shard of glass!

“Rinsed my mouth out ASAP and called the restaurant and they said they’d send a fresh pizza out but not sure I want to eat it if they fancy adding glass.”

Domino’s are now investigating the incident to find out how the foreign object ended up in their food.

A spokesman from Domino’s said: “I am not sure how this has happened because we do not keep glass in our stores at all.”