Giant hogweed: All the places in and around Sheffield where UK's 'most dangerous' plant has been found

Parents have been warned to keep their children and pets away from a toxic plant that can cause severe burns and even blindness.

By Connor Bragger
Friday, 17th June 2022, 7:43 am

Giant Hogweed, more professionally known as Heracleum mantegazzianum, is a toxic plant that can cause serious harm to those who touch it.

It has been described as Britain's most dangerous plant and is dangerous for both people and animals.

People with dogs have been told to take particular care as it can be really harmful to them.

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Giant Hogweed can be found in Sheffield

The effects of Giant Hogweed

The sap from the weed is toxic and can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, which often leads to severe burns.

If the sap gets in someone’s eye, it can cause temporary or even permanent blindness.

What to do if you come in contact with Giant Hogweed

If you come into contact with the plant, the burns you receive can last for several months and your skin can remain sensitive to sunlight for many years.

The NHS advises people that have touched Giant Hogweed, to cover the affected area and wash it with soap and water.

They said that the blisters can heal very slowly and can develop into a skin rash that flares up in sunlight.

Anyone feeling unwell after coming into contact with the plant is advised to speak to their doctor.

What does Giant Hogweed look like

Giant Hogweed is a tall plant that has a resemblance to cow parsley.

The plant has thick bristly stems that often have purple blotches on them.

The flowers on the plant are often white and held in umbels with all the flowers facing upwards.

It can be as large as 12ft tall with the flower heads being as large as 2ft tall and a possible spread of 7ft.

Where is Giant Hogweed found?

Giant Hogweed is commonly found on riverbanks and in wasteland.

In Sheffield, the plant is scattered in many different places but is often found in small amounts, according to the Plant Tracker App.

Places in Sheffield where Giant Hogweed can be found:

In Oughtibridge.

On the Upper Don Trail at the River Don.

Bottom of Hobson Endcliffe Wood at Endcliffe Park.

On the River Sheaf Walk by Broadfield Court.

On the Five Weirs Walk by the River Don.

On Coleridge Road.

On the Midland Main Line by the River Rother.

On the River Rother by Waverley and Treeton.

On Haworth Lane by Whiston Brook.

By Blackburn Meadows Wastewater Treatment Works on the River Don.

In the Centenary Riverside Nature Reserve by the River Don.