Fury over fireworks being let off in Sheffield streets into the early hours as residents face second night of disturbances

Sheffield resident has spoken out after a second sleepless night caused by people setting off fireworks in the street and tooting their car horns into the early hours of the morning.

Saturday, 4th September 2021, 9:29 am

Neighbours were woken last night when bangers were ignited until past midnight in the Page Hall area, around Hinde House Lane, following similar disruption on Spital Hill, Burngreave, on Thursday night, when the road was blocked by noisy celebrations which reportedly continued until 2am.

The law states that fireworks are only permitted after 11am on a handful of nights each year: Bonfire Night, when the cut-off is midnight; and New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, when they must finish by 1am.

It is also illegal to set off or throw fireworks (including sparklers) in the street or other public places at any time.

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Fireworks are frequently being set off illegally after 11pm as part of noisy wedding celebrations in Sheffield, says one fed-up resident (file pic from AFP via Getty Images)

Yet Nasar Raoof, who lives in Page Hall, said fireworks can often be heard being set off in streets around the area well past 11pm as part of noisy wedding celebrations which are denying people a proper night’s sleep.

When he has reported the disturbances to police, he says the matter is not treated as a priority and although he is assured an officer will contact him no one ever does.

“There seems to be a craze where people will drive around in cavalcades of cars tooting their horns and letting off fireworks well past 11pm and often into the early hours with no consideration for others in the area who are trying to sleep,” he said.

"It’s getting worse because no one’s doing anything about it and you’re just told it’s their happy day, let them celebrate their wedding. In the last month alone there have probably been five or six occasions where this has happened in and around Page Hall.

“My mother’s lived here for around 50 years and she says she’s never known anything like it. It’s not just one or two fireworks. Last night they were going off constantly for at least 15 minutes.”

It is understood police did attend the gathering in Burngreave on Thursday night and were able to move people on.

The Star has contacted South Yorkshire Police and is awaiting a response.