Fundraiser launched for cat injured in Rotherham hit-and-run

The friends of a couple whose cat was hit by a car have set up a fundraiser to help cover vet bills.

By Danielle Andrews
Thursday, 13th February 2020, 11:47 am

Sprout, a two year old female cat, was hit by a car on January 18.

The driver didn’t stop to see if Sprout was OK, but did get out to check their car after the incident, on Reresby Crescent, Whiston.

Devastated owners Stacey Kaye and partner Sarah rushed Sprout to the vets, and learned how badly injured their pet was.

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Sprout was referred to a specialist vet in Derby

Stacey said: “We usually let her out after her tea at around 4pm.

“We shouted her, and when she didn’t come back we didn’t think too much of it.

“About an hour later our neighbour came and asked if we had a grey cat, as one had been hit by a car and was in the street.”

Stacey and Sarah rushed Sprout to their local vets, where she spent the night receiving treatment.

Sprout suffered numerous injuries in the hit-and-run

Stacey added: “It was awful, she couldn’t see and wasn’t moving. The vet told us they would have to refer her to a specialist in Derby who could help.”

Although Sprout was insured for up to £8,000, vet’s bills are now likely to reach £11,000 – an amount Sarah and Stacey, like most of us, would struggle to afford.

A friend suggested setting up a GoFundMe appeal to help cover the rest of the vet’s bills, which has raised £2,297 £3,000 target of the £3,000 target so far.

Sarah said: “We felt a bit cheeky asking for money, but we can’t just leave her.

“Sprout has suffered a haemorrhage to her frontal lobe, and severe nerve damage. She temporarily lost her sight and can’t move her legs.

“We’re hoping to get her home soon, as she is on the mend. She has to be tube-fed so we’re hoping we can do that at home”.

The GoFundMe was shared on Facebook page Cats Matter, which campaigns for the law to be changed when it comes to cats being run over.

Sarah added: “It feels amazing that so many people have donated, and a big thank you to everyone that has – their generosity is amazing.”