Former councillor calls for tough action against rowdy party goers on Sheffield park

A former Sheffield councillor has called on the authorities to take stern action against 'rowdy party goers' that have been flocking a local park, causing a nightmare to nearby residents.

By Rahmah Ghazali
Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 2:14 pm

John Hesketh, a former councillor for Crookes, said the Bolehills park and its adjacent street on Woodfield Road has continued to become a hot spot for various offences.

The latest incident, he said, was on the evening of Saturday (June 12) where a large group of young people gathered and partied with full amplified music that went into early hours the next day.

He said: “The Bolehills (park) and adjacent street (Woodfield Rd) continues to be a magnet for drug taking, underage drinking, drug dealing, late night noise, littering, copulating, urinating, and so on.

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Full crowd with full amplified music at 9pm on Saturday (June 12). Picture by John Hesketh

"All these are offences, yet neighbours still have to put up with individuals committing these offences, often late in the night or early hours. All these offences are the responsibility of either the Council or South Yorkshire Police to stamp out.”

“I’m not the only neighbour who has asked for action to apprehend the offenders. In my own case, back in March I wrote to both the Council’s Chief Executive and SYP’s Chief Constable specifically asking for action to end the nightmare for neighbours.

"Unfortunately most of the offences continue. It’s about time the Council and Police stepped up to the plate and played hardball with the people committing these offences.

"Neighbours do not want to be disturbed by rowdy party-goers at four in the morning or boozed-up gangs with young girls stripping off at 8.00am.

The crowd were seen playing football at 4am on Sunday. Picture by John Hesketh

"We are fed up with boy-racer drug dealers operating next to the park in the early hours without hindrance from the authorities.

"Neighbours despair of smelling wafts of cannabis smoke drifting from the Bolehills almost daily.

"Most of all, we are amazed that crowds can gather on the Bolehills playing loud amplified music at any time of the day or night without being stopped. Action is what is needed.”

Mr Hesketh also provided pictures of the rowdy crowd, where a group appeared to be playing football at 4am on Sunday and then went for early morning sun bathing at 8am.

Sun bathing in the early morning of Sunday. Picture by John Hesketh

South Yorkshire Police has been contacted for comments.

Litter discarded on the park on Sunday. Picture by John Hesketh