Flooding wrecks sound equipment worth thousands of pounds in Sheffield

The flood damageThe flood damage
The flood damage
A lock-up containing specialist sound equipment was seriously damaged by the recent Sheffield floods.

Whilst most of Sheffield escaped damage in the recent flooding, the Sheffield music scene took a serious hit when the sound systems belonging to many different brands and event promoters was flooded.

Equipment belonging to Sinai Sound System, Raze Sound System, and DEM Audio was totally destroyed, leading to cancelled events and a large cleanup bill.

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Mark Akid, from the crew who owns the equipment, told The Star: “We’ve had to cancel events in Lyon, Bristol, Paris. We’ve practically had to beg, borrow and steal equipment from family and friends to keep a small amount of gigs going.

“At our busiest time we could have eight systems across the country in eight different venues, there’s times when it’s stretched all over the UK and EU. Some equipment can’t even be replaced as it is custom.”

The equipment contributed to Sheffield’s sound system’s international reputation for providing sound for festivals across the globe, including the Croatia’s ‘Outlook Festival’ and events across the United States.

In Sheffield the systems provide the backbone for a host of Sheffield club nights at Yellow Arch Studios, Hope Works, and The Night Kitchen amongst other venues.

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The crews have set up a go fund me page, to try and replace the equipment and foot the bill for the flood damage.

“We’re hoping with donations and a fundraiser on December 13, we might be back by February time.

“We’re trying to turn stuff around as quick as we can. Despite the damage, we’re still alive and kicking.”

The page is less than £100 away from hitting their £5,000 target after just 2 days.