Five Guys Sheffield: Paving in city centre spoiled by 'ugly' repairs following gas works for restaurant

Residents want to know why slab paving outside Sheffield's new Five Guys restaurant has been replaced with a 'cheap, ugly' black filler.

Friday, 1st July 2022, 11:27 am

The opening day for the popular chain restaurant on The Moor is fast approaching after contractors began renovations three weeks ago.

However, after opening up the pavement outside the diner for gas works in June, crews have filled in the holes with a black filler in complete contrast to the slabs all around it.

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The slab paving on The Moor, Sheffield, has been replaced by black tarmac following gas works for a new Five Guys restaurant.

“It doesn’t look good at all,” one resident told The Star outside the upcoming restaurant.

“I would hope they will do something to make it right. I hope it’s temporary.”

The slab paving was placed as part of the multi-million pound renovations to The Moor in 2013.

Chartered health and safety practitioner Philip Douglas spoke to The Star on The Moor.

He said: “I don’t come from Sheffield and I was just thinking how nice this part of the city was, until I saw this.

“My concern is I can see cracks where the (filler) meets the pavement. If rainwater gets in there and freezes it’ll cause even more damage. If anyone trips on it as a result you’ve got lawsuits to deal with and even more expense.

“It’s a shame to have spent all this money on slab paving to have it look like this.”

Sheffield City Council and Five Guys have both been contacted for a comment to find out who is responsible for the works.

The chain restaurant’s arrival in Sheffield city centre was announced in early June.