England fans march through Stocksbridge singing 'Vindaloo' to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital

A ‘train’ of England fans marched through Stocksbridge this morning (July 10) singing Fat Les’ song ‘Vindaloo’ while raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Saturday, 10th July 2021, 1:51 pm

The march was organised by Stocksbridge Rugby Club, and saw members dressed up in ridiculous outfits make their way down the high street singing the classic football anthem.

There were penty of England shirts and flags on display, alongside more outlandish costumes including wigs.

They recreated the famous Fat Les video, which itself parodies The Verve’s video for ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, where Richard Ashcroft walks down a street followed by a rowdy mob of England fans.

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England fans march through Stocksbridge singing Vindaloo.

One marcher in Stocksbridge even braved the wet weather and donned a mankini and tutu.

They carried buckets to collect money from amused bystanders, who watched the group follow a fan from which the Fat Les tune was blasting.

Rallying people to come on the march, organiser Lucie Loxley: “Come on guys we need your help. We are recreating our very own Vindaloo video in stocksbridge to raise money for the Sheffield children's hospital. I hope you can all join us.”

‘Vindaloo’ was released in 1998 to coincide with the world cup that year. Blur bassist Alex James helped write the music and Keith Allen wrote the lyrics.

The music video featured comedian Paul Kaye as Richard Ashcroft, alongside David Walliams and Matt Lucas, among others.

England play Italy on Sunday in the final of the Euros.

It is the first time England mens team have made it to the final of a major competition in 55 years, since they won the world cup on home turf in 1966.