Endcliffe Park "much better" this morning with barely any litter in sight

A council parks worker spoke of his relief this morning when he arrived at Endcliffe Park to find that there was barely any litter there for him to clean up.

Sunday, 25th April 2021, 7:59 am

Wayne Howarth, who usually works at Graves Park but looks after Endcliffe at the weekend, said that the state of the park this morning was “much better” than in previous weeks.

Previously, the level of litter in the park the morning after sunny days has sparked outrage, as hundreds of people who turned out to enjoy the weather left behind them piles of rubbish, barbeques, takeaway packaging and beer bottles.

After a blazing hot day on March 30, volunteers were left helping the council by picking up seven tonnes of rubbish, and large bins were placed on the park to try and deter people from leaving their rubbish in piles in future.

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A clean Endcliffe Park this morning (April 24).

With temperatures yesterday (April 24) reaching the highest so far this year, it was feared that this Sunday would be a repeat of days past.

Thankfully, this was not the case. At 7am this morning there was barely any litter in sight.

"I was coming round the corner and I was thinking ‘oh no, what’s it going to be like this time,” Mr Howarth said.

A clean Endcliffe Park this morning (April 24).

"But when I got here it was just like it is now. The bins are working. It’s good.

"There’s just been three of the big bins that were rolled together that I need to go and move back to where they were.

"I left here at about 8pm last night and it was fine then, and when I got here today it was the same.

"I am pleased. It is much better compared to what it has been like in past weeks.”

The state of the park on the morning of March 31 sparked outrage among local residents.

Following the level of littering in March, some residents were calling for the park to be shut overnight to prevent it from happening in future.

Disappointed resident Susan Tester said: “We live in the most beautiful part of the country and this is what they do.

“They should close the park if people can’t behave themselves. I can’t believe it.”

Jeanette Taylor added: “It’s shocking. How can they generate so much rubbish?

“It’s a public space so you can’t stop people coming but there’s no need for this is there?"