Endcliffe Park ‘looked like Glastonbury’ as neighbours claim crowds ‘partied until early hours’

Lockdown revellers who flocked to Endcliffe Park yesterday partied until the early hours and left a disgusting litter strewn scene like “Glastonbury”.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 12:26 pm

Huge crowds spent the day there in the sunshine yesterday after Covid rules were relaxed and the popular city park was packed for most of the day, with many groups drinking and socialising in the sunshine.

This morning we visited the scene as council workers dealt with the aftermath.

They say they are bracing themselves for a repeat of the disgraceful behaviour which has seen tons of bottles cans discarded chairs and takeaways strewn across the park.

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The rubbish clear up at Endcliffe Park. Picture: Chris Etchells
The rubbish clear up at Endcliffe Park. Picture: Chris Etchells

Walkers and runners expressed their disgust at the litter louts.

A council worker said the people were in the park well into the early hours of this morning.

Workers had been pulled off different jobs to tackle the litter.

She said; "It started at 11 am and people were there until the early hours. The council get the blame, people say that we don't put enough bins out but we do. There are plenty of bins.

John Russel surveys the litter in Endcliff Park.

“I’ve locked the drive at the top of the gate while we are doing this we need to be up and down with the vans I'm expecting the same today if the weather is nice so it will probably be like this again in the morning.”

Susan Tester was taking pictures of the scene and said she was going to write to the council.

She said: “It’s a nightmare – I am livid I am so passionate about it I am very anti-litter anyway. Sheffield is such a lovely city, we’ve got lovely countryside. Is it students is it kids?

“I feel sorry for these guys, they shouldn’t have to do this. They have to clear all this up and it will be the same tomorrow.

Jeanette Taylor:2How can they generate so much rubbish?"

"There might not be enough bins but there’s still no excuse for them not to bag it up or take it home I’ve seen broken bottles so when people are walking their dogs it will be dangerous, discarded chairs. It’s disgusting. The only way they can sort it out is to lock the gates and not let them do it”

Dog walker John Russell said the park looked “like Glastonbury”

He said: “It’s shocking. I know people really don’t have anywhere else to go. It’s a hazard for dogs and with the sheer numbers they closed the toilets and there’s no provision so where are these people going?

“I suspect the woods so there are hygiene issues. I've never seen it as bad as this. It's like Glastonbury and dangerous for the dogs. Some took the effort to put rubbish next to the bins but it could attract foxes. My friend has filled four bags of bottles in another part of the park.”

Susan Tester

Jeanette Taylor said: It's shocking and disgraceful. How does anyone generate so much rubbish?

"You’ve brought it here it’s not difficult to take it home with you. If a bins full you don’t just leave it there.

“It’s a public space so you can't stop people coming but there’s no need for this is there?

“It was packed yesterday mostly by people who haven't been vaccinated so that’s concerning.”