Eerie new photos capture abandoned Sheffield hospital hidden beneath a car park

Beds rusting away, paint peeling from the walls and empty cabinets strewn across the floor – these eerie images show the state of a long-abandoned hospital in Sheffield.

Friday, 7th February 2020, 11:23 am
Updated Friday, 7th February 2020, 5:53 pm
Dusty cabinets on the floor

Firth Brown Medical Centre was once used to treat injured steelworkers but now sits derelict and gathering dust beneath a car park near the former Firth Brown Steels complex on Carlisle Street East.

The site’s history makes it a favourite with so-called urban explorers, who keep the exact location a closely-guarded mystery, and the only way in today is apparently through a small hole.

These are the latest photos of the interior, which were uploaded to the popular Dare To Tread Facebook group following a recent visit, and they reveal the extent of dilapidation.

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An extractor fan
Paint peeling from the walls
The walls are dotted with mysterious green hand prints
Smashed glass in what appears to be the former toilets
Concrete pillars
Fixtures and fittings lying in tatters
An abandoned fire extinguisher
A waterlogged room
Rust-stained walls
The gloomy interior
Dust and rubble cover the floor
Earth piled up inside
Inside the abandoned former Firth Brown Medical Centre in Sheffield
An old sink