Eerie glimpse inside abandoned ‘car graveyard’ in Sheffield with vehicles left to rust

These photos show a ‘car graveyard’ in Sheffield where numerous vehicles have been left to rust.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 12:41 pm
A 'car graveyard' at a former Co-op warehouse in Sheffield (pic: Lost Places & Forgotten Faces)

Bumpers and other parts are strewn over the floor, and the cars – including a Nissan Note, Saab 9-3, Renault Megane and Ford Focus – have shattered windscreens and battered bonnets.

The images were taken at an old Co-op warehouse in Handsworth Hill by the urban explorer behind the popular Lost Places & Forgotten Faces Facebook page.

He says the site was used to store vehicles after Co-op moved its depot to a larger warehouse in the late noughties and Co-op Funeralcare left in 2015.

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Many of the cars are badly damaged

"This location is my second 'car graveyard' explore in this area after my visit to the Lindrick Dale Car Cemetery a few months back,” he wrote.

“I was expecting to explore an old, empty warehouse, so it was very odd finding all nine of these vehicles just sat rotting away inside this place. Most had their windows smashed, were dented and had footprints all over them. Kids have clearly been coming in here and smashing the place up, unfortunately, and now glass from the shattered windscreens litters the ground.

“Such a strange explore! They've clearly been sat there for many years, gathering dust.

Many of the cars are in a bad state

“I also found signs of squatting, with an old mattress and kitchen utensils laying around. However, it seems that they are now long gone.

“One of the more interesting and unexpected explores I've done recently!”

This Audi has seen better days
The building was used by Co-op for many years as a warehouse
Shafts of sunlight illuminate the cars and a dusty office chair sitting among them
The door to one of the cars has been left open
Pasta, tea and medication left at the site is long past its use-by date
An old mattress and other rubbish has also been dumped at the site
Paint is peeling from the walls in this room, in which an old toilet sits
This room is in a terrible state