Dramatic pictures show aftermath of major crash on Sheffield estate

Dramatic pictures have emerged showing the aftermath of a major crash on a Sheffield estate this morning.

By Lee Peace
Sunday, 04 August, 2019, 15:50

Emergency services were called out to Hinde House Crescent in Page Hall at about 9am this morning.

Pictures sent to The Star by a resident shows extensive damage to the front of one vehicle, while another appears to have crashed into a garden wall.

Officers at the scene.

A witness claimed the driver of the grey vehicle was a taxi driver who managed to walk away unhurt – but his passenger needed medical attention and was crying out for help.

It is also alleged that the other white car contained a ‘group of young lads’ who quickly fled the scene after the collision.

A resident said: “The crash was really, really bad – I do not know how the taxi driver was not hurt because the whole front end of the car was caved in.

The crashed vehicle.

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“There was a passenger in there, a man, who was crying out in pain. I think he ended up with a broken leg.

“I’m told the lads in the other car left the scene straight away.”

South Yorkshire Police have not released any details yet about the crash.

The crashed car.

We have asked for further details and are waiting for a reply.

The aftermath.