Doncaster teen's revenge on boyfriend who was blanking her by telling him she was going on Love Island

A Doncaster teenager fed up of her boyfriend blanking her finally got a response – when she told him she was appearing on TV dating show Love Island.

Sunday, 19th January 2020, 1:25 pm
Updated Sunday, 19th January 2020, 1:25 pm

Lily Jade Straw, 19 was so fed up of being ignored, that she took drastic measures to get his attention – and when he finally did reply, she turned the tables on him by blanking him.

Fed up with her cheeky other half not replying to her texts she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The crafty teenager messaged her boyfriend, claiming that she had been chosen to appear on the dating reality show, and wouldn't be able to speak to him again.

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Lily told her boyfriend she was going on Love Island.

Ending the message with 'it was nice knowing you', she got an immediate response from her horrified other half - and then promptly ignored his calls.

Sharing the hilarious exchange in a screengrab to Twitter, she wrote: 'When ur boyfriend doesn’t reply for a while drastic actions are the only option (sic)'.

The messages read: 'Just to let u know I've been asked to go on Love Island and I've decided to go take the opportunity (sic)'.

She continued: 'I wanted to tell u today but after Saturday I won't be able to talk to u as I'm going into lockdown.'

Dealing her final blow, she concluded: 'It was nice knowing you.'

An immediate reply from her furious boyfriend then read: 'Answer the phone now'.

Twitter users help saw the tweet rack up 40,000 likes and retweets, with many praising her tactics.