Doncaster pro-Europe group's anti-Brexit TV message ahead of #ThankEU party

Doncaster-based pro-EU campaigners have delivered an anti-Brexit message on European television ahead of a party celebrating the EU and Europe tonight.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 9:04 am

Members of pro-Remain group Best For Doncaster were interviewed for Belgian TV news channel LN24 ahead of Britain leaving the EU at 11pm tonight.

The group will be marking the exact moment of Britain’s departure from the European Union with European food, drink and music at a party.

Chairman Frederika Roberts, her husband Simon, vice chairman Giulia Savini and group member Bob Gilbert all went in front of the cameras to share their anti-Brexit message – and how they will continue after Brexit.

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Members of Best for Doncaster were interviewed for Belgian TV.

Former miner Bob said Doncaster had benefited massively from the EU and said: “It has transformed it. All because we got European money.”

Simon, who is applying for Italian citizenship, said: “I’m fortunate I have a plan B to retain European citizenship, a lot of people in this country don’t have that.”

Giulia, who is an Italian national and who has lived and worked in the UK for eight years, said: “The Thank EU party is a way to celebrate Europe and our diversity.”

Frederika added that the group will continue and said: “A lot of what we will do now is about holding politicians to account, but we would love for Britain to rejoin the EU.”

She added: “Leaving the EU represents a huge loss for the UK and for Doncaster, but rather than retreat into sadness, we want to mark January 31 by thanking the EU and its citizens for enriching our lives for so long.”

“I am an EU27 citizen myself - Italian and German - and obtained British citizenship last year to protect my status as a result of Brexit, so I understand first-hand the difficulties faced by EU citizens at the moment, the risks posed by ‘settled status’, and how deeply entwined the lives of EU27 citizens are with those of British citizens, through families, friendships and careers weaved together over decades.

“These bonds will not be broken by Brexit and our party is a recognition of the strength and importance of those bonds.”