Doncaster pest controller who rids TOILETS of rats set to star in Channel 5 TV show

A Doncaster born pest controller who has become well known for helping catch giant rats which climb up toilets is to star in a new Channel 5 show.

Pest controller Paul Storey.
Pest controller Paul Storey.

Paul Storey, who is now based in Dorset, will feature in Grime And Punishment – a six part series focusing on some of Britain’s dirtiest and most disgusting jobs.

He will appear in an episode of the show tonight when it is aired from 8pm.

Pest controller Paul Storey.

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The programme will follow him in his role as The Pest Detective, the Poole based business he now runs.

Mr Storey, formerly from Mexborough, said: “They followed me around for three weeks and wanted to see all the grimy stuff.

“It’s not the world’s easiest job but they seemed happy to see what goes on and the problems we have to deal with.”

Recently, Mr Storey’s role received nationwide coverage when he revealed how he has been forced to pull rats out of people’s toilets.

He said one woman who had seen a rodent swimming around in her toilet used a roll of duct tape to keep the lid shut before calling him.

Others have weighed down the toilet lids, terrified that rats would emerge into their bathrooms.

Paul, a former Royal Marine, said: “I have had a number of calls recently across Dorset and some in Hampshire from those with rats in their toilets, and as you’d imagine they are terrified.

“When I joined this industry 13 years ago I didn’t know that trying to calm people down would be such an important part of the job.

“But when you look into your toilet and see a rat it’s really scary for the customer and they can get quite hysterical.

“In the jobs I have attended, when a rat comes up through the pipes into a toilet it doesn’t want to go back the way it came so has to be removed.

“They seem to have started climbing and swimming upwards through the pipes.

“I have been to four cases where rats have definitely emerged into the toilet and several others in which the owner has heard them in the pipes.

“Rats will get in to properties for a variety of reasons – from searching for food and shelter to general inquisitiveness.

“Home owners often feel ashamed or embarrassed but there is really no need to; it’s generally not a reflection on them, it’s a reflection on the abundance and tenacity of rats.

“Luckily there is a simple solution to the problem, by inserting a drain guard in the sewer pipe; they work like cat flaps and let the waste out while preventing anything coming back up.