Deliveroo drivers in South Yorkshire demand 'dignity at work'

Hundreds of people have signed a petition by Deliveroo drivers in South Yorkshire who are demanding better working conditions.

Tuesday, 27th August 2019, 16:02 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 15:02 pm

The South Yorkshire Courier Network, which was formed earlier this month to represent food delivery riders in the region, says it is seeking 'dignity at work'.

The petition, which among other measures calls for the minimum rate per job to be reinstated and for drivers and cyclists to be paid for they time they spend waiting for food to be prepared, has been signed more than 450 times since being launched a fortnight ago.

Deliveroo couriers demanding better pay and working conditions stage a demonstration in Sheffield city centre

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The six demands it sets out are:

1) The council to ensure that Deliveroo drivers are no longer served with penalty notices for loading and unloading while doing their job

2) That Deliveroo restore the per-job minimum pay to its previous rate of £4.25

3) That Deliveroo show couriers both destinations on a double order

4) That Deliveroo pay couriers for time spent waiting for food to be prepared

5) That Deliveroo pay couriers for the work they do even if the customer cancels

6) That Deliveroo do more to ensure restaurant workers and customers treat couriers with respect and support their couriers against abuse.

The couriers network was set up with help from the IWGB trade union, in protest at what the union branded ‘archaic employment practices’ by food delivery giants including Deliveroo and Just Eat.

Ibrahim Ali, who works as a food courier and is one of the group's founding members, said: "We want Deliveroo to reinstate the minimum rate per job, which has gone down to £3.20, to the previous rate of £4.25.

"We also want something to be done to stop delivery drivers getting so many fines for doing their jobs, and we have a meeting with a council parking officer to see what they can do."

A spokeswoman for Deliveroo said: "We've recently introduced changes that mean Deliveroo is investing even more in rider fees. This is good news for riders, with over 70 per cent of orders across the UK now offering a higher fee than they were before. Since making these changes, riders in Sheffield are earning more - over £11 per hour on average.

"Rider feedback is hugely important to us, and we will continue to engage with riders across Sheffield to improve rider experience. We regularly work with local councils to improve how riders work and park in local areas."

The Star has approached Sheffield Council for a comment regarding parking fines.