Debut book from award-winning north Derbyshire winemaker will guide the nation to 'grow your own wine'

Kieron Atkinson, the multiple award-winning wine maker at what was once the most northerly vineyard in the world at Renishaw, near Sheffield, has written a new book.

Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 1:03 pm
Kieron Atkinson, the multiple award - winning wine maker at what was once the most northerly vineyard in the world, has written a new book to inspire and guide you in how to grow and make your own wine, whether it’s from a vine in a greenhouse or from a fully-fledged vineyard.

Wine Making: A Guide to Growing, Nurturing and Producing is published by The Crowood Press and offers a personal yet practical guide for the grape to bottle journey of producers of any size.

The book aims to inspire and guide people how to grow and make their own wine, whether it’s from a vine in a greenhouse or from a fully-fledged vineyard

The book covers all aspects of wine production; guiding the reader through the processes, the challenges, the fun and the satisfaction to expect as you ‘grow your own wine’.

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It was during the first lockdown that Kieron, who produces wine from grapes grown at the historic Renishaw Hall vineyard on the Derbyshire-South Yorkshire border, decided to put his years of knowledge and practical experience in to a new book.

Featuring everything from vineyard site selection, choosing, planting and caring for vines through to how to harvest and the all-important tasting of wines; the book goes through all you need to know about the wine production process.

Wine expert and TV personality Oz Clarke provides a foreword to the book.

In it, he says: “This book shows you how to care for your vines and perfect your winemaking skills, but above all it will give you the confidence to grab the reins and ‘go for it’. With Kieron as your guide, you will be in for a fantastic ride.”

Kieron is also the owner of the English Wine Project: Winery in Derby, the region’s first urban winery, and has won multiple global and national awards for his range of wines over the past decade and more.

Kieron started a career in wine making and vineyard management in 2011, after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as an officer in the British Army.

He said: “I am so happy to have been able to write and have published a book which I know will support people on the journey I have gone through, to produce really good wine.

“Looking after vines and making wines requires a lot of determination and passion for what you want to achieve, but it’s also such a satisfying career – or pastime – and one I would recommend to anyone with a love of creating their own product and working with nature.

“This book will be a companion to anyone who wants to make excellent wines – whether to simply enjoy with friends, or to sell as a commercial product on a much larger scale.”

The book is now available online from and

It will also be available in book shops and selected stores across the country, please contact The Crowood Press for further details of stockists.