‘Daft apeth’: 13 of the most unique Sheffield and South Yorkshire insults tha should know

Here in Sheffield, we’re proud of our dialect – and there’s no better time to let a regional accent loose than when delivering a unique insult.
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From the obvious to the more obscure, Sheffield and South Yorkshire is home to some great insults unique to our area on the map. If you head down to a traditional city pub, you’re bound to hear one of these fabulous phrases used in our great accent, whether jokingly or serious.

Anyone from outside 'God's own county' might look at you as if you've got two heads if you utter any of these phrases. So if you’re looking to test your local knowledge, or enhance your dialect, we've put together a list of 13 of our favourite Sheffield sayings to celebrate our lovely region.

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'Got a monk on' – A phrase used to describe someone sulking, or in a bad mood. It is rarely heard outside of the north of England.

Sheffield is home to some wonderful phrases -- and insults. Pictured: Sheffield Town HallSheffield is home to some wonderful phrases -- and insults. Pictured: Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield is home to some wonderful phrases -- and insults. Pictured: Sheffield Town Hall

'Tha's a wazzock' – Translates in the region of 'you're an idiot'. The term wazzock is usually used with an element of fondness for the person it is describing - similar to: muppet, wally, doughnut, idiot.

'Mardy bum' – This phrase rose to fame after the famous Arctic Monkeys' track 'Mardy Bum'. It is used to describe someone in a bad mood. Mardy can also be used in a number of different phrases - mardy cow, mardy arse.

'Face like a slapped arse' – This one feels fairly self-explanatory. Can be used when someone's face shows displeasure or annoyance.

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'Thart a reight mawngy beggar' – Meaning 'you're a right sulking beggar'. Mawngy can also be used to describe something that is moth-eaten.

'Stop thi’ rooaring' – Perhaps not an insult, but still a fun phrase when you want to tell someone to stop crying.

'Nesh' – This can be used to describe someone who is sensitive to the cold, or feels the cold all the time.

'Prannock' or 'Pranny' – Meaning idiot or fool.

'Pillock' – Derogatory, but fairly inoffensive now, this slang term is used to call someone a fool or an idiot.

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'Tosspot' – Now more widely synonymous with stupid, this word can also be used to describe someone who is obnoxious, irritating, or drunk.

'Gormless' – Someone lacking intelligence, stupid, or slow at understanding things.

'Yer daft 'apeth' – A mildly offensive term, often used as a term of endearment. Similar meaning as muppet or fool.

'You'd skin a fart and go back for a smell' – You'd say this to somebody who is particularly uptight.