Dad of missing Sheffield man pleads for help finding him

The father of a Sheffield man missing for more than two weeks has pleaded with the community to help track him down.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 7:08 pm

Minod Monger, aged 23, disappeared from his home in Ecclesfield and was last spotted close to Colley Park in Parson Cross on Monday, June 10, at about 5.30pm.

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Police revealed today that Minod, originally from Nepal, was taught survuval skills as a youngster and they believe he may be sleeping rough in the area.

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Colley Park, Parson Cross. Picture: Marie Caley NSST-26-06-19-MongerAppeal-7

Minod’s father Chandra and other family members held a press conference this morning to appeal for anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Monger said: “Today is 16 days since our son has been missing. We do not have anything and we do not know about his whereabouts.

“I would like all of the British people to help me find (our son). The police force are trying their best to find our son and we hope one day he will be found.”

Chief Inspector Helen Lewis, along with Minod's brother, Prem, his mum Tuli and his dad, Chandra, make a fresh appeal for help searching for their missing family member. Picture: Marie Caley NSST-26-06-19-MongerAppeal-2

Chief Inspector Helen Lewis said there is “nothing to suggest he has come to any harm” and police believe he is still somewhere in the community.

She added: “We are concerned for him because he has got special educational needs and with that what I mean is he can’t actually look after himself like you or I could.

“However what we have learned from the Nepalese community is that they do get taught survival skills to forage, to collect berries and learn how to build dens so it is possible he is sleeping rough in the general location.”

She urged residents to check outbuildings to see if he is there and to keep a check on small details such as if “your milk has been taken.”

Chief Inspector Helen Lewis, pictured. Picture: Marie Caley NSST-26-06-19-MongerAppeal-4

Chf Insp Lewis said officers have been following up possible sightings of him in Ecclesfield Road but these tip-offs have come to nothing.

They also do not know why he has gone missing at this stage.

About 50 officers have been invovled in the search using everything from drones to search dogs as they try and locate Minod.

The officer also asked dog walkers in Colley Park or Woolley Wood Bottom to keep their eye out for someone matching his discription.

Minod Monger.

Minod has dark black hair and is about 5ft 4ins tall.

He was last seen wearing a white jacket, grey joggers and black Crocs.

Anyone who spots him should dial 999 immediately.

Any other information should be passed to South Yorkshire Police on 101.

Quote incident number 715 of June 10.