Corporation Sheffield issue apology to fans as ‘shocking’ sound quality ruins rock gig

Music venue Corporation Sheffield has issued an apology after ‘inadequate’ sound quality marred a rock gig.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12 April, 2019, 15:52

Fans paid £25 to see rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Quireboys perform on Saturday alongside British rock band FM.

However, gig-goers were left disappointed after ‘shocking’ sound quality marred the set, with fans complaining of loud feedback and vocals being ‘drowned out’.

Corporation in Sheffield.

Some people said they left early, while others demanded a refund.

Corporation issued a full apology after the gig, blaming a freelance sound engineer for the problems.

Managing director Mark Hobson said: “The Corporation would like to apologise to the band, their crew and most of all, to all the fans who came along to the show for the wholly inadequate sound quality during The Quireboys set on Saturday.

“This was a result of the errors made by the freelance sound engineer engaged by Corporation. This engineer has now been removed from our employ.

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“As a way of compensation, we would like to offer to all those people who attended, complimentary entry to the next Quireboys headline show here at Corporation.”

The apology prompted mixed responses from fans on Facebook, with some praising Corporation for the apology but others questioning its professionalism.

Dougie Luke Freeman posted: “Not the most professional way of dealing with this in my opinion. Was it really necessary to throw the engineer under the bus?

“Particularly as they aren’t here to defend themselves. You could have just said ‘due to unforeseen technical issues’ and left it at that.”

Katie Donson-Brook observed: “Good luck getting another sound engineer now.”

Neil Rogan wrote: “A great thing to do by Corporation. Too many venues would have stuck two fingers up to the punter.”

And Keith Drury said: “Well done to you guys for admitting there was a problem – and an even bigger well done for trying to make it up to the fans that attended.”