Coronavirus: Six tips to surviving working from home in isolation

Working from home can be really good – no commute, home comforts and your own space.

Sunday, 15th March 2020, 6:21 pm

But some home workers can also miss interaction with colleagues.

Coronavirus means many of us are home working for the first time, which may be a new or different experience.

Here are six simple tips for newbies, and their bosses, to help you when working alone.

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Working from home

Hangout together: business must go on, but don’t rely too much on email alone, which misses the human touch. Use google hangouts and phone calls where you can, and managers, organise a daily scrum call with the team. You can use group chat or whatsapp for a banter fix too, so you don’t miss out on the team spirit. Make sure anyone working outside the office is kept fully involved in business news and decisions.Periodically put the radio on: music makes you feel good, and a mix of music and chat quietly in the background can block out the isolation. Whenever you take a screen-break or lunch, ramp of the volume and sing along.Exercise is good for you: home workers can fall into a tempting Netflix trap every lunchtime. If coronavirus conditions permit, get outdoors instead; if not, how about joining a virtual exercise class via youtube and get those endorphins flowing? And if conditions permit, how about a walk before work each morning, so you arrive back at your desk pumped and ready to start the day?Switching off: bizarrely home workers often find they work longer hours, as the edges between work time and home time become blurred. Switch your laptop off when not on duty, and ‘park’ the business.Don’t google too much: if you’re worried about the virus take health advice from reputable sources, and business advice direct from your manager. It’s also good to talk: don’t be afraid to contact people; if you ever get worried or feel a little low, call friends, family members, and colleagues. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Happy home-working!