Concerns over 50ft tree towering above houses in Sheffield street

A Sheffield resident is calling for action over a 50ft tree towering above his home.

Friday, 17th September 2021, 6:48 am

He claims the tree on Bramley Lane in Handsworth is not well maintained by Sheffield Council and is causing a number of issues.

According to the resident, who did not want to be identified, several complaints have been made Sheffield City Counci, but nothing has been done about the tree.

He said he received visits from the council's contractor Amey in late 2019 to assess the tree but nothing was done.

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The tree is located on Bramley Lane, Handsworth.

He said: “The tree is affecting our drive, and the light is restricted. One of the things that really worries me is the root system if it might cause some sort of damage to the property.

“I pointed this out to them and I was told to get an engineer to do a structural survey and pay for it myself.

“If it's proven that it came from the tree, they would reimburse me and would do something about the roots.”

The man, who has lived in the neighbourhood for 35 years, said autumn is particularly bad, when he has clear his driveway on a daily basis.

The resident said the tree has been causing problems to him and his next door neighbour.

Furthermore, the tree attracts pigeons and magpies, and the driveway is often covered with bird faeces.

The overgrown branches are also touching phone lines.

He added: "If the council wants to keep this tree, I want it to be managed properly. It's a stunning tree but it is not really in the right environment.

“I can no longer park my car in my driveway under the tree. It'd be a mess.”

He said he has had to take matters into his own hand before by trimming the branches himself to ensure that the tree remains at a reasonable size. He had to hire a skip when he carried out the pruning.

Sheffield City Council, in response, said it has worked with its partners to produce a new Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Strategy to ensure the city has street trees which are well-maintained and cared for and resistant to threats of disease and climate change.

A spokesperson said: “As part of the council’s Streets Ahead contract, all trees growing on the highway are routinely inspected and maintained by Amey to ensure they are safe and in good condition.

“We are fortunate, here in Sheffield, to have an abundance of street trees with a ranging age profile, many of which have been here for hundreds and hundreds of years.

“Whilst we do routinely undertake work on street trees, we are also committed to carrying out works in line with best practice, meaning that we will only take action when the tree is causing a safety risk or in poor health.

“Unfortunately, we cannot prune trees back that are deemed too large or to reduce shade and leaf residue. If residents have concerns about trees close to or overhanging their property, they can contact an arboricultural association approved contractor independently, to undertake pruning on their behalf.

“In this case, Amey have committed to reinspect the tree on Bramley Lane and decide on any further action required.”