Colourful Doncaster businessman opens mosque and church at motorbike track

A colourful Doncaster motorbike park owner has opened a mosque and church at his popular track.

Saturday, 9th January 2021, 2:11 pm

Eddie Todd, who runs Uncle Eddie’s motocross park at Carcroft, has turned a portable cabin into what is described by signs as a ‘religious community’ – complete with a Christian cross and the Muslim crescent moon and star symbol on its roof.

Another sign announces ‘Memories Are Better Than Dreams – In God We Trust’ while another proclaims: “Eddie Todd – A Not For Profit Religious Company.”

While another describes the building on Bentley Moor Lane as a ‘community amateur sports club, a charity club, a community laundry, community car wash and community nature reserve.’

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Uncle Eddie's bike track now has a mosque and church.

The park is currently closed during coronavirus lockdown restrictions and the ‘religious community’ is understood to have been operating since last June when Mr Todd wrote on Facebook: “Today we opened Eddie Todd religious community to help our community and our members.”

It is understood the interior has pews as well as religious artefacts for worshippers.

The bike track regularly attracts riders of all ages from across the region to compete at outdoor motorcross.

The colourful businessman, who dubs himself Uncle Eddie, last year announced how he had invented a homemade ventilator from an air pump and a hosepipe to help with the treatment of coronavirus patients, saying it could help 24 Covid-19 sufferers at a time.

A portable cabin has been decked out with a cross and the Muslim crescent moon logo.

Mr Todd, who has previously stood to be Mayor of Doncaster and MP for Doncaster North, regularly undertook trips to The Gambia before lockdown where he has helped to set up charity kitchens in the Muslim African country, buying vital supplies for poorer people in the nation.

In an interview with the Free Press last year he said: “I just want to help everyone. I’ve got loads of great ideas that can help save lives.”

During previous election campaigns, his pledges have included building a Disneyland style theme park for Doncaster, building a snack bar and Post Office in the market for free, and building a power plant to heat all of Doncaster for free.

He says any medical companies or healthcare providers interested in taking him up on his ideas, can contact him on 07475047774.

The track at Carcroft now has a number of religious messages.
Signs describe the bike track as a religious community.
Bike park owner Eddie Todd.