Clubgoer claims he was 'knocked unconscious' while being kicked out of Sheffield's Leadmill nightclub

A clubgoer has criticised security staff at Sheffield’s famous Leadmill nightclub for allegedly using heavy handed tactics while throwing him out of the venue.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 2:50 pm

Kane Warren claims he was assaulted by ‘multiple bouncers’ during a night out at the club on Saturday, October 9.

The Chesterfield man said he and a friend ‘got up onto an area in Room 2’ where a lot people were already up dancing and were asked to come down by a security staff member.

Mr Warren claimed he was then assaulted while being thrown out of the venue.

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Kane after the alleged attack.

The Leadmill has launched an investigation and in a statement defended the way in which security staff had handled the situation. South Yorkshire Police is also probing the incident.

Mr Warren, who posted pictures and a video of the incident on Facebook, said in a post that “we were dancing on an area with other customers on and we were for some reason targeted by one bouncer (at first) who ignored everyone else up there, and asked for us (males) to come down (This is not about gender, just pointing out the fact no girls were asked to come down and it was only a problem that we were up there apparently).

"We were drunk admittedly (as everyone is) and dancing and didn’t notice this at first and then didn’t come down for a few seconds afterwards, which resulted in us being dragged down and we starting getting punched, unprovoked, straight away (when at this point even throwing us out would have been quite harsh).”

He added the ‘next parts are hazy’ as he was knocked unconscious and described the way security staff handled the situation as ‘excessive’.

Kane after the alleged attack.

Mr Warren said prior to the incident The Leadmill is ‘somewhere we’ve always gone, always had good times in and always felt safe and appreciated.’

A statement from the Leadmill said: “We have been made aware of this incident and it is currently undergoing investigation with the management team here at The Leadmill who are taking this very seriously.

“As shown in the videos uploaded online by the customer himself, he was purposely defying our security staff by climbing on top of the tall speaker stacks whilst our security were repeatedly asking others to get down.

The Leadmill in Sheffield

“After the other customers on the speakers had got down, he, along with his friend, then refused to come down. This was not only a risk to himself, but a risk to other customers in the venue.

“We have one of the best and friendliest security teams in Sheffield”

“If he was to fall he could have hurt several people and in this case when politely asked to get down, he refused. In order to resolve the situation and minimise the risk to others, the decision was made quickly to remove the customer.

“It is our utmost priority to ensure that everyone within our venue has the opportunity to enjoy our events as safely as possible and this customer was threatening this."

The statement added: “We have reviewed our CCTV footage from the night and the customer refused to get down and then, unfortunately, refused to be ejected peacefully at which point he was quickly removed from the building whilst struggling throughout.

“In several tweets from the same customer we had previously been praised as one of his favourite places to go in Sheffield, so it’s a real shame that this avoidable incident had to happen in the first place."

Police said they were called to the venue at about 2am to reports a 22-year-old man had been assaulted. The man suffered injuries that required hospital treatment.

A police investigation has been launched. Call 101 with information and quote incident number 112 of 9 October.