Sheffield city centre fountain drained ahead of Euro 2020 final for England fans' safety

A city centre fountain has been drained in case England fans head there to celebrate after the Euro 2020 final on Sunday.

By Alastair Ulke
Friday, 9th July 2021, 5:03 pm

Barker’s Pool, in front of City Hall on Devonshire Street, has been emptied of water and will be guarded by South Yorkshire Police this Sunday in the event football fans head there to celebrate a victory over Italy.

The fountain has drawn more and more attention in the past month following every Three Lions victory.

It started with only a dozen supporters in mid June – until England beat Germany, at which point videos circulated of around 50 partygoers jumping in the water.

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Following the match people congregated in the city centre

It led to the pool being drained for safety ahead of the Denmark match on Wednesday, July 7.

Subsequently, more than 200 people gathered at the fountain after England’s 2-1 win, with dozens of fans singing in the empty fountain.

The pool will remain dry for this Sunday’s game.

A spokesperson for Sheffield City Council said: “The bottom fountain in Barkers Pool was switched off following the Euro’s England vs Ukraine football game at the request of South Yorkshire Police. The fountain will remain switched off for the Euro’s final this Sunday to ensure public safety.”

Police watched on as fans celebrated England's victory in Barker's Pool

Speaking by the fountain on Wednesday night as hundreds of fans celebrated, one supporter named Sabe told The Star: “I like seeing everyone out. I’ve been in Sheffield this past year and it’s been dead.

"Seeing this is really spiriting.”

After around 20 minutes of celebrations, police broke up the party in the fountain and asked supporters to get out.