Chapeltown hero meets the man whose life she saved after Sheffield crash

A wrong turn home became a lifesaving coincidence in a near fatal Sheffield crash.

By Isobel Fry
Friday, 17th December 2021, 3:00 pm

Emily Hill-Green, 24, was driving home from work when she took the wrong turn home and ended up on the road where Ryan Ward, 22, had crashed his car.

After performing first aid on Mr Ward and staying with him till the paramedics came, she went home and never heard anything more.

Months after the accident, Miss Hill-Green posted in a Facebook community group, asking for information about Mr Ward’s status.

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Ryan Ward's car after the accident. Ryan has now met Emily Green who saved him after the incident

Through Facebook friends and community help, she was messaged by Mr Ward’s mother before being put in touch with Mr Ward.

Today they meet again, with words of thanks and cherish to be shared.

Mr Ward remembers nothing from the night of the accident but said, “If it had just been my friends there that night, I would be dead.”

Miss Hill-Green heard Mr Ward’s friends shouting to pull him out the car, those words made her step in, and her first aid knowledge kicked in.

Miss Hill-Green said, “I’m just grateful I was there to help otherwise it could have ended much worse.”

“After hearing from your (Ryan’s) mum and how grateful she was I felt good, like I had done something right.”

“I didn’t post on the Facebook group to receive praise, but it definitely felt good, I couldn’t sleep not knowing what had happened to Ryan.”

Mr Ward is on the mend, after the accident he was in a coma for over a month and has had many major operations.

He was discharged from the hospital mid-October but has to go back for several more surgeries.

His outlook on life has changed since the accident, “I just feel happier, the whole situation has humbled me.” he said.

Miss Hill-Green received her first aid training as part of her course at university and worked in an A&E ward before starting her job as a support worker.

She said, “anyone with her training or knowledge would do the same thing, it’s a duty of care.”

She is keen to encourage everyone to get first aid training if they can as she has proven it can help save a life when you least expect it.

She said, “The first thing they tell you in training is you’ll never know when you need it, and that couldn’t be more true.”