Calling all dog-lovers: Helping Yorkshire Poundies and their gorgeous dogs need your help

Could you give one of the gorgeous dogs below a new lease of life?

All of these dogs up for adoption in a rescue shelter near Sheffield are in need of loving homes to take them in.

The need for homes is, in many cases, due to people not being able to afford their pets. These issues are hitting charities and shelters too.

Helping Yorkshire Poundies put out an appeal this week, and said: "We have so many dogs who are desperately waiting in pounds to come into our care, but we literally haven’t got a single kennel spare.

"Times are absolutely dire - the number of dogs all over the country needing help is unprecedented, rehoming is so slow, finding suitable foster homes is proving very difficult … it’s heartbreaking."

If you are able to, why not consider helping them out by giving one of the gorgeous dogs below a new lease on life? Find details on each of them, and where you can enquire about adopting, on Helping Yorkshire Poundies' website.