Bus passenger's anger over changes to Stagecoach fares in Sheffield

A frustrated bus passenger has shared their anger following a change to Stagecoach fares in Sheffield.

By Alana Roberts
Monday, 20th January 2020, 9:49 am

The travel firm launched a ‘new, simpler ticket range’ this month meaning that while some ticket prices have increased, others have frozen or reduced in cost.

Stagecoach bus only tickets and bus and tram tickets have been replaced by a ‘silver ticket’ to allow customers to travel further afield, costing £17 or £16 via the online app.

But in an anonymous email sent to The Star, an infuriated passenger explained how the change had left them struggling to afford the travel.

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A bus passenger has shared their frustration over the new Stagecoach bus fares

They said: "People are absolutely outraged that Stagecoach has stopped the Stagecoach bus only weekly pass which was £14.50. I have always bought this ticket for work as only a Stagecoach bus goes there.

“Due to this, people now have to get a £17 weekly ticket, for tram services and outside of South Yorkshire too. It is costing people £2.50 extra and they are not wanting to use the other services, only the bus.

“I work part-time due to having a young son and this increase is hard to afford as all my money is accounted for. It is wrong that they are penalising people that only catch Stagecoach buses.

“First buses still do their bus only weekly at £14.50, this is no good for people that only use Stagecoach. This needs looking into again as it's not fair on people that just catch the Stagecoach bus.”

When approached Stagecoach referred The Star back to its December statement which clarified the reasoning behind the new ticket range.

John Young, commercial director at Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: “Our customers have been telling us for a while that the range of tickets we have on our buses is too complicated, so from January 2, 2020, we are making things much simpler and easier to understand.”

“Simplifying our bus and tram tickets, the recent investment in the improved Stagecoach Bus App (which allows you to track your bus live on a map) and contactless payment on all our buses continues to help us make bus travel more attractive to non-users and encourage more people to try the bus for some of their travel needs.”