BBC Radio Sheffield briefly stopped and taken off air during Toby Foster’s breakfast show

Toby Foster was briefly taken off air this morning when a fire alarm went off during his BBC Radio Sheffield breakfast show.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 9:20 am

The presenter was replaced by his counterpart at Radio Leeds, Richard Stead, for just under quarter of an hour at around 7am while he and his colleagues investigated what turned out to be a false alarm at the studio on Shoreham Street in Sheffield city centre.

Returning to air, he informed viewers there was no fire and they did not know what had triggered the alarm.

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Toby Foster
Toby Foster

The fire service was called but did not attend as there was no need.

Mr Foster said: “They (the fire service) asked Kat (Harbourne) questions and she started crying and then I went and turned the alarm off which turned it on more and made it say earth fault….

"We did all this while outside and stood exactly where we should have been according to the law. But we’re back and so far we’re not on fire.”