BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker unveils Christmas decorations at his Sheffield home - and fans are loving this special touch

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker has unveiled the Christmas decorations at his home in Sheffield, and people have been quick to share their thoughts.

Monday, 7th December 2020, 12:34 pm

The presenter tweeted yesterday, Sunday, December 6: “Finally gave in to family pressure and got the Christmas decorations out.”

He has gone for a largely traditional look, with a silver star topping his tree, a wreath on the door and an elegant mantelpiece display, but there are a couple of features which have generated plenty of discussion.

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Dan Walker and his family put up their Christmas decorations on the first weekend of December (pic: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images and Dan Walker/Twitter)

Lots of followers commented on the red tinsel wrapped around the tree, while the large globe lights hanging from a tree in his garden also caught many an eye.

“Finally someone using tinsel. Thought I was the only person left putting it on the tree,” said one person.

Another wrote: “Love it! Very rustic and traditional! And it’s lovely to see tinsel on the tree, so many don't put it on!”

A third person commented: “I have to say I have light envy! Love the garden lights.”

Dan Walker's festive mantelpiece display (pic: Dan Walker/Twitter)

And another tweeted: “Look at them shiny balls in the garden! Very nice.”

There was much discussion too about the timing, with Dan himself suggesting he might would have held out for longer were it not for ‘family pressure’.

At the end of a challenging year, to say the least, some people got their trees down from the loft as early as Halloween, while others think it is sacrilege to hang the merest bauble before December 1 and some even wait until Christmas Eve.

These lights in Dan Walker's garden had a lot of admirers (pic: Dan Walker/Twitter)

One person commented: “Lovely. But… should have gone at least two weekends ago!”

Another said: “I never do mine till Christmas Eve, but this year it’s different. Tree up and an extra one in the conservatory.”

But a third person said simply: “Way too late bro.”

Dan Walker's traditional Christmas wreath (pic: Dan Walker/Twitter)

The tree in the BBC Breakfast studio, meanwhile, left some viewers less impressed after it shed a bauble on live TV.

One person joked: “Word of warning, if @mrdanwalker offers to decorate your Christmas tree tell him not to bother!”

After the fallen bauble was sorted, others pleaded with Dan and the crew to ‘sort the wonky one now’.

The red tinsel on Dan Walker's Christmas tree generated a lot of discussion (pic: Dan Walker/Twitter)