Barnsley man who suffered spinal injuries in crash looks to future after lawyers secure settlement

A South Yorkshire man who suffered serious spinal injuries in a car crash has revealed his hope for the future.

Conor Lynch Spinal Scar and Bruising
Conor Lynch Spinal Scar and Bruising

Conor Lynch sustained the injuries, when a car he was travelling in as a passenger collided with a wall.

His injuries were so severe that doctors advised him he may never walk again.

Following the collision he instructed expert serious injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to help him access the specialist rehabilitation, therapies and support he requires.

Conor Lynch and Mum

His legal team has secured Conor, aged 24, a significant seven-figure settlement.

Conor, who has defied expectations to walk again, has made great progress in his recovery.

Due to the severity of Conor’s injuries, he was unable to return to work as a welder.

He has been advised by his treating surgeon that he should not undertake work in any role which involves manual labour as it puts his back at further risk of deterioration.

Conor Lynch

Conor is likely to require further complex spinal surgery in the future.

His settlement provides him with funds allowing him to pay for top spinal surgeons to carry out surgery.

In addition, Conor now has access to funds which will allow him to meet his need for further care, vital therapies and specialist equipment throughout the rest of his life.

The funds are protected in a personal injury trust set up by Irwin Mitchell’s court of protection team to ensure that Conor has financial support for the rest of his life.

Conor Lynch Scars

A proportion of the funds are also being used by Conor to buy his own home which will be specifically designed to meet his needs, allowing him to live as independently as possible.

Rachel Cox, the expert serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell representing Conor, said: “Conor suffered devastating injuries in the crash which turned his life upside down.

“While he still faces many challenges, Conor has shown incredible determination to move forward with his rehabilitation, regaining more of his independence.

“It’s been fantastic to witness his ongoing progress.

Conor Lynch

“I first met Conor while he was still in hospital, not long after the crash, when he was completely unable to walk.

“I have watched him gradually recover and progress over the past five years.

“He’s gone from being unable to walk, to walking with crutches, then leg braces and now he can cycle.

“Fortunately for Conor, we were able to work collaboratively with the insurer in the claim to secure access to funds to allow Conor to receive specialist rehabilitation at a very early stage.

“The consequences of spinal and complex orthopaedic injuries can be catastrophic, particularly at such a young age, but Conor is proof that people who have suffered serious injury can flourish with the right support around them.”

Conor had just turned 20 at the time of the collision.

Conor Lynch and Brother Harrison Pre-Collision

He was discharged from hospital in a wheelchair, but shocked doctors by learning to walk again despite many medical setbacks and the likelihood of future surgery.

He has also worked on independent living skills with an occupational therapist and moved into an annex in his parents’ home for a period.

As well as providing serious injury support, Irwin Mitchell has assisted Conor in other ways.

The firms’s asset management team has provided financial advice to Conor and members of his family, while the residential property arm is advising on the purchase of his home.

Conor has also received advice from the firm’s family law team in relation to a cohabitation agreement for his new home and is planning to use the firm’s wills team to help him prepare a will once he has purchased his property.

Conor also has bilateral foot drop and muscle wastage and walks with a limp.

Conor, from Hoyland, said: “The crash had a major impact on my life and it still affects me in a number of ways now.

“The main thing is that I still have a lot of metalwork in my back from surgery after the crash.

“I’ve been told that I will need more surgery again in the future which is very risky.

“This is one of the most frustrating things for me as I’ve had to adapt my lifestyle to ensure that I can maintain my current level of activity for as long as possible.

“The first few months after the collision and coming to terms with what happened were particularly difficult not just for me but my family.

“Both of my brothers witnessed the aftermath of the crash – they saw me cut out of the car and put into the ambulance.

“My mum and my stepdad have been my rocks. I couldn’t have got through the last five years without them.

“It’s not always been easy and there have been many challenges but I’m determined to remain positive and keep pushing forward with my life.

“I’ve worked very hard to get to this point and I just want to keep going.

“The settlement is a major milestone for me.

“It gives me the reassurance that I’ll be looked after in the future, especially if I need more surgery.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for all they’ve done for me ever since the collision.

“The help and support I’ve had has been amazing.

“It’s an exciting time for me; moving into my new home will give me another boost to keep up my progress and is the start of a new chapter in my life.”

Conor Lynch spinal scars