“Appalling and probably illegal too...” – Readers share their thoughts on the Rwanda asylum plan

The Home Secretary recently announced a controversial plan to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda. Understandably this has not gone down well at all, with accusations that the government could contravene the Geneva Convention if it goes through with this plan.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 11:22 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 1:30 pm

Former PM Theresa May has said that Priti Patel's Rwanda plan may be illegal and impractical, and is likely to increase trafficking of women and children.

And the Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer said that the government’s plan was both ‘unworkable’ and would be ‘extortionate’ for taxpayers.

We asked our readers for their thoughts on the matter, here are a selection of their comments:

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BLACKPOOL, ENGLAND - MARCH 19: Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department delivers her keynote speech during the Conservative Party Spring Conference at the Blackpool Winter Gardens on March 19, 2022 in Blackpool, England. The Spring conference in Blackpool offers a chance for party delegates to meet senior Party figures, attend training sessions, hear speeches, and meet up with fellow members and activists to explore Conservative plans for the future of the country. (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

One of the most well-received responses came from Rita Rigg, who said, “No need to risk crossing the water they are in a safe country. We have people living in awful conditions already in England with long waiting lists for council houses of which some are not fit to live in. Schools are full and horrendous waiting lists in NHS. How can we deal with more until conditions for many are improved. They are in a safe country which is the important thing.”

David Green added his thoughts, “You condemned her for doing nothing making a difficult decision is what she gets paid for. May be a wrong move but at least she did it.”

Hazel Kennedy was perhaps aiming for a pragmatic response here, “I think perhaps it’s something that needs trying before we can judge. We need to stop them risking their lives to get here. If this helps do that, then perhaps a tough approach might work. Who knows.”

Susan Adams believes that we could take positive advantage of migrants, “If refugees were allowed to work, we would not have the labour shortages that we now have.”

Bob Morgan kept his opinion short and sweet, “Appalling and probably illegal too...”

Meanwhile, James Brown commented, “I think the tories need to get all the racist brexit voters back on side.”

Hilary Frances says that the plans are, “Crazy and immoral and costly and makes me ashamed.”

Saj Hussain added that it’s “Funny how Ukrainians never got this response from those saying yes.”

One of two rather lengthy responses came from Kevin Froggatt, who had his take to offer, “Best solution yet we’re not able to look after our own there’s not enough houses for them the NHS is swamped and they always seem to find accommodation for these immigrants but not people who have lived hear all there lives and the benefits should not go to people who we don’t owe anything they have never paid anything into this country and then when they get settled here they send for the rest of there family to come hear. So yes I think it’s a great idea they will be looked after better there than here.”

A rather abrupt take came from Yvonne Jackson, who said, “No money no accommodation no NHS absolutely nothing given out I bet they stop coming over within the month. They are leaving a safe country and have passed through several safe countries to get here because our benefits are so appealing.”

And Gail Walker not to be outdone added her view on things, “The logical thing to do is set up an access point in Calais and sort it at the point where people try to enter. Circumvent the smugglers. Many who come to the UK are entitled under the protocols and meet the criteria for refugee which is different from economic migrant. Let's be clear who is who. If they meet refugee status let's have a programme of support and let them work and contribute to society. We have International obligations, let's do it effeciently, humanely and with dignity rather than pay another poor country to do what we aren't prepared to deal with ourselves.

As for the crap about our own people being in need first, our government has chosen not to build affordable housing for over 10 years, not to properly fund the NHS or Social Care which are now in crisis, to raise taxes and screw up our business within the EU. Lay the blame at their door not on the shoulders of refugees.”

Finally, Malcolm Wood had this to say, “Surely it doesnt matter where you stand on the immigration debate. If you are a Conservative that wants a harsher immigration policy then cant you see how costly this idea is. Its costly unworkable and a white elephant. It will not solve the problem its promising to address.”