Antiques Roadshow guest stunned to find out true value of late Sheffield lecturer’s jewellery

A guest at a popular TV show was left stunned to learn that two pieces of unique jewellery left by his late aunt - a Sheffield university lecturer in the 60s - were valued at a whopping £8,000.

Monday, 14th June 2021, 11:05 am

The man had brought a gold bracelet and a kunzite-stone brooch to BBC’s Antiques Roadshow's V&A in Dundee to be inspected by jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt.

He also brought along a handwritten postcard by a mystery man named 'Bruno' that was sent to his aunt, Myra in 1969, before she passed away in 2002.

The postcard read: "Best greetings from Russia. With love, Bruno,"

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Antiques Roadshow - BBC
Antiques Roadshow - BBC

He explained: "I don't know who Bruno was, this was a postcard sent to my aunt in 1969. My aunt, Myra, passed away in 2002.

"Before she passed away, she gave me these two items. They told me these were handmade by an Italian jeweller, and she gave no name and just told me to look after it, (saying) 'It's very special'."

Asked by Susan which one was his favourite, the man replied: "I prefer the bracelet because that was the one that she referred to the most and that was the one that was very special when she handed it to me."

To which, Susan jokingly responded: "This Bruno was very special to her as well by the sounds of things."

Jewellery expert Susan Rumfitt revealing her estimation value to the man.

She then proceeded to explain who she thought the jewellery could be from.

"There was an Italian jeweller who was working in the 60s called Bruno Martinazzi and he had been born in Turin and also developed his skill as a goldsmith whilst he was out there as well.

"He was quite a philosophical man and really enjoyed looking at what the world had to offer and how you could interpret that into pieces of very sculptural jewellery, almost on the lines of Salvador Dali and people like that.”

She then asked the man if his late aunt was interested in arts or antiques, just like the jeweller.

The pieces of jewellery estimated to be worth around £8,000

The man said: "Yes, she studied art and she was an art and textile lecturer in Sheffield and Manchester.

"In the 60s, she was a great activist in LGBT rights and CND and the like, she was very active."

Susan said this could possibly be the reason both of them shared a lot of the same interests and that they got on so well.

She then went on to reveal the estimated value of the bracelet with an 18-carat gold with a continental mark on it and the brooch, complete with diamonds and pearls at the centre of the stone known as kunzite.

The kunzite-stone brooch's value was estimated between £4,000 and £6,000

She said: "Value wise, they're both very, very different. The bracelet is highly fashionable at the moment.

"If it did come up for auction, I'd expect a value of £1,800 to 2,000. As regards the brooch, I'd imagine that it's an auction fetching between £4,000 and £6,000."

The man appeared stunned after learning the true value and could only utter "wow" in response before thanking her.

"It’s my pleasure. So, which one do you like now?" Sarah asked, laughing.