Angry message about dog poo scrawled on Sheffield street

There is little in life more irritating than irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets – especially when it ends up all over your shoes.

By Robert Cumber
Sunday, 12th January 2020, 12:08 pm

Nowhere does it cause more annoyance than in the S6 postcode, incorporating Walkley, Hillsborough and Upperthorpe, where a Freedom of Information response showed there were 62 complaints that year.

One person appears to have had enough and taken matters into their own hands, judging from this furious message scrawled on a pavement in Walkley.

A message to dog walkers on a street in Walkley, Sheffield (pic: Samantha Jayne)

Samantha Jayne shared this photo of the message, which is written beneath some dog muck which has been circled and reads: “Dog owner, pick up your dung! You dirty”

It has sparked plenty of debate on the Facebook group Wonderful Walkley, with some people praising the author for taking a stand but others questioning whether the scrawled message is any better than the offending dog dirt.

Ms Jayne said: “It made me laugh, and if it washes off, great. If it doesn't, I don't think vandalism is the answer!

“It might make some dog owners think twice, and might shame that particular culprit, pricking their conscience, I guess.

“I'm visually impaired, so I'm less aware of the issue than most people locally, but I know from my friends, family and Wonderful Walkley that it's a big issue at the moment.”

Commenting on her post, one woman wrote: “Because spray painting the pavement is much better?”

But a second wrote: “I can certainly understand why they did this and am rather grateful, to be honest - I would have stepped in said dog poo otherwise as I certainly wouldn‘t have seen it in the dark. Thanks to the bright white writing I was able to avoid it. I do hope it’s washable though.”

One woman was particularly impressed, joking: “Whoever you are, I will divorce my husband and marry you immediately.”