American TikTok star’s amazement at Sheffield Wetherspoons goes viral

“I found this place called Wetherspoons in England, and it’s so fricking good!”

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 3:54 pm

Tiktok user @mal_lo_ry_ tours the pub and brags of the cheap prices: “You guys, it’s like really, really cheap. You even get free refills, it’s amazing.”

The video shows the woman entering the pub, with our iconic City Hall in the background. She then goes on to boast features like the coffee machines at the Benjamin Huntsman branch.

The 40 second video has been viewed by 239,000 people, and the comments are full of gems.

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One said: “Wait till she discovers 2 for £12 pitchers”, and another said “Spoons is elite, you need to get back in the evening.”

The woman also shares some vital advice to her followers whilst showing off her breakfast: “Make sure you put the beans on the toast, because it’s fricking amazing.”

Tiktok is a video-sharing social media app, where users share short videos of just about anything.

TikTok user @ma_lo_ry_ shared the video on January 3
TikTok user @ma_lo_ry_ shared the video on January 3