1 in 25 million chance as Derbyshire woman cracks rare triple yolked egg

A Derbyshire woman thought ‘am I seeing things?’ when she cracked an extremely rare triple yolked egg.

Tuesday, 17th May 2022, 2:03 pm

Just as normal, Diane Gray, from Coal Aston, near Sheffield, bought her eggs from an egg supplier in Dronfield, but she was in for a surprise when she cracked one of them open.

To her surprise, the egg she cracked had three yolks, something The British Egg Information Service estimates to happen once in every 25 million eggs.

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Diane Gray, of Sheffield, cracked open her egg to discover an extremely rare triple-yolk.

“When I saw it, I thought I had to do a double take really,” said Diane. “I said ‘look at this, I can’t believe it’, so I just thought I might as well photograph it.

“I’ve never even seen one or heard of a triple yolked egg before.

"I thought ‘am I seeing things?’ My family told me to do the lottery that week but I didn’t – perhaps if I had done I might have won the big Euro jackpot that someone else won.”

Diane had seen a couple of double yolked eggs from her supplier before, but was totally bemused when she saw a triple yolk. Her supplier was even stunned, and asked Diane for a picture of the rare egg.

The 1 in 25 million egg Diane cracked last week, however, is not the rarest odds egg she could have got.

A four-yolk egg has a one in 11 billion chance of occurring according to The British Egg Information Service, whilst the most yolks in an egg ever recorded is believed to be an astonishing nine.