People you can’t buy

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Heart failure specialist nurse Sarah Briggs came to care for me a few months back and took me under her wing.

She was the one who gave me a second chance in life. She knew I didn’t want to go in hospital.

Nothing was too much trouble for her. I can honestly say without her care and expert knowledge I wouldn’t be here today. She did more for me than my own doctors did.

Sarah and her colleagues don’t get enough recognition. They don’t just come in, they give you extra time, love and faith. They are the people who really care and are dedicated to their work.

I owe a lot to Sarah, so I would like you to publish this letter in your Star for me.

I am more than grateful to her. I am 91, but not A1, as they say.

I would also like to thank Colin Walley, who is my sister’s partner.

He never says no and has never let me down, even though my sister Mirriam isn’t in good health and needs a lot of attention.

I am a big believer in the good Lord, and I can’t thank him enough for each day.

Tthese are people you can’t buy.

E Staniland

Winney Hill, Harthill, near Sheffield