People Power bridge victory

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PEOPLE Power is to be congratulated after campaigners learned that the coalition Government has come up with a £3 million offer to provide a second access across Sheffield railway station in light of plans to erect barriers on the existing bridge.

For four years, local people have complained that the installation of barriers would effectively cut them off from the city centre as they would not be able to use the bridge as a shortcut.

During that time a lot of sympathetic noises have been made by government ministers and politicians in support of the campaign – but little positive action.

However, it seems that the pressure of people’s protests have finally held sway and brought about a change of heart with promises for a second access over the railtracks before the barriers are permitted to be put in place.

We now look forward to this long saga to be brought to a happy conclusion.

Congratulations for listening

WELL done to traders in a Sheffield suburb for taking on the might of the city council and preventing workmen from blocking parking spaces during opening hours, potentially damaging business.

And well done too to Sheffield City Council for listening to the concerns and agreeing to carry out the work, on the approach to traffic signals at Mosborough, after local shops had closed.

This highlights the value of being able to park outside shops in the districts around Sheffield.

There were some angry words when the workmen turned up but the determined actions of the trades to protect their businesses paid off.

The council has shown itself to be ready to listen to concerns and to respond by reaching a compromise. Let’s see more of this cooperation.

Economics victim

GROUPS across Sheffield will be saddened to learn of the closure of Sheffield Community Enterprise Development Unit. And it is a real blow for the 11 members of staff at the unit who will now be made redundant.

But it is a victim of supply and demand, one of the basic rules of economics. It supplies a service for which there is not enough demand.

Set up during times of plenty the unit helped many organisations set up on a sound footing. But it has fallen victim to the drying up of cash as the economic screw is tightened.

Perhaps when the economic outlook is brighter there will be a place for such an organisation to again set down roots.