‘People’ make Sheffield great

Former Home Secretary and Sheffield MP David Blunkett  'Picture by Gerard Binks
Former Home Secretary and Sheffield MP David Blunkett 'Picture by Gerard Binks
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From the hustle and bustle of the city centre to the tranquil parks and countryside - locals reckon there are plenty of reasons to love Sheffield.

But leading figures say it’s the people who really make it such a great place to live.

Praise for Sheffield’s citizens came following the news the city has made the Sunday Times list of best locations to set up home in the UK.

Former Home Secretary and Hillsbotough and Brightside MP David Blunkett, a born-and-bred Sheffielder, said: “The best thing about living in Sheffield is the people.

“This city is the fourth-largest in England but still reflects a sense of identity and a feeling of belonging. It has retained the glue that holds any community together.

“Once called ‘the biggest village in England’, the city offers warmth and caring, the ability of people to say it as it is but retain kindness and neighbourliness.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg said: “Anyone who has spent some time here wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sheffield is one of the best places to live in Britain. There is something unique about life here and it’s no coincidence that we were also named as the happiest city in the country only last year. This is a fact we should talk about even more and advertise.”

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It’s so close to the countryside, and in walking distance for many, like us.


It’s brilliant living in Sheffield, it’s close to the M1, so it’s accessible by all. We have the Peak District close by...we have brilliant hospitals run by dedicated staff. People are friendly..we have some of the best schools. I love it and wouldn’t live anywhere else.


I lived at Lodge Moor in the 1980s. Sheffield has everything on the doorstep: all the entertainment, sport and Peak District, without looking for it, and the unique locals. I’ve now lived in concrete Coventry for 28 years and still wish I’d never left!


I am Sheffield born and love the city.


This is the best city. I would not want to live anywhere else - look at the beautiful countryside and it’s all free. We have wonderful people here and two wonderful football teams.


Sheffield best place to live? That’s a joke. I lived there for six years, hated every minute. So glad we moved out of Sheffield. Best thing I ever did.