People do take a pride in local park

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I HAVE been interested to read your recent stories of terrible litter left in some of Sheffield’s major parks.

Last Saturday Friends of Ruskin Park held our annual clean-up day.

Over 10 years the amount of rubbish to be collected has steadily reduced.

When we arrived at about 10am the grassed areas and playground looked beautiful and we had to search really hard in the undergrowth under the trees to find several bags of bottles, cans, sweet packets – plus a suitcase, a tyre and some broken fencing.

At our annual fun day, on July 7, we always have plenty of extra bins, some for recycling, and stewards going round encouraging people to use them throughout the afternoon.

As a result, when we have finally packed away the last gazebo, there is really very little to show several hundred people have been enjoying several hours of music and a variety of activities in our local park in Walkley.

People can enjoy an afternoon out without leaving a terrible mess, and do take a pride in their local park looking beautiful.

Veronica Hardstaff, chair, Friends of Ruskin Park

n Great idea from Sheffield council to finally get tough on litter louts.

I’ve always said as soon as the rich privileged councillors get troubled by these louts then they will do some thing about them.

It’s taken warm weather and a top end park for our councillors to get something done.

For years we in the not so upper class area have reported time after time rubbish being thrown over our area. What happens? Nothing, because it doesn’t affect the city centre.

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