People across South Yorkshire woken by smell of rotting EGGS as fire crews called in

Fire crews have been called in to investigate – after a rotten egg smell cloud swept across large parts of South Yorkshire this morning.

Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 12:39 pm

Residents living in the Dearne Valley reported waking up to a ‘funny smell’ this morning – with people in Goldthorpe, Swinton, Wath and Mexborough all apparently subjected to the unpleasant aroma.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were called in to investigate, tracing the foul stench to an industrial estate in Goldthorpe.

A spokesman for SYFR said: “Do you live in Goldthorpe, Mexborough, Wath or Swinton?

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Did you wake up to the smell of rotten eggs this morning?

"You might be waking up to a funny smell this morning... rotten eggs?

"Yes, that’s the one!

"Please don’t be alarmed - it’s coming from an industrial estate in Goldthorpe. Our specialist officers have been called, checked it out and everything is fine - if not a bit on the smelly side!”

Rotten egg smell are normally caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, normally a natural product of decay in sewer systems.